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Doctor of Musical Arts

Board-Certified Music Therapist



MA                               2020                            Music Therapy, Texas Woman’s University

DMA                            2008                            Music Composition, University of Southern                                                                                                                                                California

Graduate Certificate  2008                            Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television,

                                                                                  University of Southern California

MA                               2002                            Music for Film, Television and Theatre,

                                                                         University of Bristol

MM                              1998                            Music Composition, Rice University

BM                               1995                            Music Composition, Oberlin Conservatory

MA Thesis

“Able-Diverse Music Therapy: Toward a New Model of Disability and Music Therapy,”

            Nicki Cohen, director

DMA Dissertation

“Two Hamlet Scenes,” 2008, Frank Ticheli, director

Board-Cerfied Music Therapist

Certification Board of Music Therapy Exam Passed, July 2020


Music Therapy Practicum Experience


Willow Bend Memory Care    2017    Older Adults with Memory Impairments, 45 hours

Denton ISD                              2018    Special Needs Children, 45 hours

Plano Children’s Theater        2018    Special Needs Children and Young Adults, 45 (North Texas Performing Arts)         hours

Haven Behavioral Health       2018    Adults with Mental Illness, 45 hours

Music Therapy Internship

Haven Behavioral Health         2019    Adults with Mental Illness, 560 hours

North Texas Performing Arts   2019    Special Needs Children and Young Adults, 460                                                                     hours


2010-2013, Lecturer, Rice University

2010, Adjunct Instructor, Rice University

2006-2007, Instructor, Renaissance Arts Academy

2006, Adjunct Instructor, Bethesda Christian University


Lecturer, Department of Composition and Theory, Shepherd School of Music,

            Rice University, 2010-2013

            Courses: Theoretical Studies II (Freshman Theory), Theoretical Studies III, (Sophomore Theory), Graduate Theory                Review, Analytical Systems, Analytical Approaches, Early Modern Masters, Music Since 1950, Special Topics                          (Post-Tonal Prolongation; Postmodernism)

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Composition and Theory, Shepherd School of Music,

            Rice University, 2010

            Course: Analytical Systems

Private Composition Instructor: 2007-2009

            Gave individual composition lessons in Pasadena, CA to a then-high school student who went on to study                            composition at Oberlin Conservatory

Instructor, Music Theory, Renaissance Arts Academy, Eagle Rock, CA, 2006-07


            Music Theory

                        Developed syllabus, materials, ran a listening lab and taught four sections, Grades 6-12, twice per week

            Advanced Music Theory

                        Developed syllabus, materials, taught course and a ran listening lab, Grades 10-12

            Music Composition

                        Developed syllabus, materials, ran a listening lab, coached and critiqued individual                                                                  compositions, Grades 10-12

Adjunct Instructor, Bethesda Christian University, 2006


            Counterpoint II

                        Developed materials, syllabus, presided over interactive counterpoint class exercises                               

                        and graded written exercises and tests

            Music History I

                        Developed materials, syllabus, ran a listening lab, lectured, created and graded mid-term                                                        and final exams

Teaching Assistant, University of Southern California, 2004-2006

            Courses: Aural Skills I-II, Theory I-II

                        Graded papers, ran aural skills lab, taught in the absence of instructor


Refereed Publications

“The Social Model of Disability and Music Therapy: Practical Suggestions for the

            Emerging Clinical Practitioner,” Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy,

            March, 2018

“A Schenkerian Analysis of Ravel’s Introduction and Allegro from the Bonny Method of    Guided Imagery and Music,”                  Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy: A Monograph Series, Barcelona Publishers, September, 2016

“Post-Tonal Hierarchization in Berg’s Wozzeck,” Journal of Schenkerian Studies 

            with addenda “A Klumpenhouwer-Network Superisographic Analysis of Berg’s

            Wozzeck” and “Defining Klumpenhouwer-Network Superisography,”

            April 2015

“Rochberg the Progressive, Revisited,” Perspectives of New Music January, 2013

Presentations at Professional Meetings

“Musicking Disability Gain: Strategies for Severely Virtuosic Performances,” Panel

            Presentation, Society for Disability Studies Conference, Akron, OH, 2020

 “Able-Diverse Music Therapy,” OHMI International Conference, Birmingham, UK,    September, 2018

“On the Making of Dyschordia by Blind Labyrinth,” with Kenneth Downey, Audio

            Technologies for Music and Media International Conference, Ankara,

            Turkey, November 2014

“The Making of Blind Labyrinth’s Dyschordia,” with Kenneth Downey, International

            Council for Traditional Music Conference (“Music and the Other”), September,


“Schenkerian Analysis in Multiple Modalities,” part of panel presentation “Universal

            Design in the Theory and Aural Skills Classroom,” 2013 national Society of Music   Theory conference

“Rochberg the Progressive, Revisited,” presented April 9, 2011 West Coast Conference of Music Theory and Analysis,                    Santa Barbara, CA

“Prolongation in Stravinsky’s Movements for Piano and Orchestra,” presented April 8,

            2011 University of Central Missouri New Music Festival/SCI Region VI

            conference, Warrensburg, MO, and published as part

            of Proceedings of 2011 University of Central Missouri New Music Festival

“Some Principles of Post-Tonal Prolongation,” presented February 19, 2011 Texas Society for Music Theory conference, Lubbock, TX

“Projection-Constructive Analysis of The Right of Spring and Bartók’s Fourth String

            Quartet,” presented November 13, 2010 Society of Composers, Inc. national

            conference, Columbia, SC

Music Publications


Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin, C. F. Peters, New York, NY 2005.


Partial List of Music Compositions


Absynth Chronicles I – XVI, series of electroacoustic works, 2018-2020

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra, for Kearney Symphony Orchestra, premiered Kearney, NE, November 2019

Cantor Songs, piano, recorder and mezzo soprano, for Endicott Players, premiered Tucson, 2017

Downfall, wind ensemble, premiered by Neoteric Chamber Winds, Minneapolis, 2015

Variations on a Schenker Graph of Gesualdo, for Orlando Cela, premiered

            and recorded spring 2016

Dark Men They Call Them, fixed media piece with baritone, for Brandon Gibson,

            co-composed with Kenneth Downey and released on Beauport Classical, 2014

Rhapsody and Blues, fixed media piece, co-composed with Kenneth Downey and

            released on Beauport Classical, 2014

Dyschordia, fixed media piece, co-composed with Kenneth Downey and released on

            Beauport Classical, 2014

Bookends, fixed-media piece, to be premiered Casa se las Americas, Havana, Cuba, March 2013

Four Basho Haikai, commissioned by Kenneth Goldsmith, to be premiered on

            Rice University Syzygy Series, March 2013

Concerto for Two, for Lachezar Kostov and Viktor Valkov, to be premiered spring 2016

Are We There Yet? commissioned and premiered by Rice University Campanile Orchestra, April 7, 2012

Twelve Structures for Cello and Piano or Twelve Charming Little Pieces for Cello and

            Piano, for Lachezar Kostov and Viktor Valkov, premiered Rice University

            Syzygy Series, January 27, 2011

Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments, for Melissa Sky Eagle,

            performance of two-piano reduction, Melissa Sky-Eagle and Lorna Eder, USC, Los Angeles, April 15, 2007

            full ensemble premiere, University of Georgia Wind Ensemble, John Lynch, conductor, February 5, 2010

The One and Only, full-length musical, commissioned and performed by The Relevant Stage,

            Warner Grand Theatre, Los Angeles, July 1, 2010

Singing Jailbirds, full-length musical, commissioned and performed by The Relevant Stage, Warner Grand Theatre, May 22-24 and May 29-31, 2009

Two Hamlet Scenes, chamber opera, commissioned and partially performed by University of  Southern California Chamber Opera, performed Los Angeles, May 11, 2008

Interloper, woodwind quintet plus viola, commissioned and performed by Ensemble Green, Pasadena Conservatory, Pasadena, CA, January 26, 2008

Lotus Eaters, ballet, commissioned by Renaissance Arts Academy, performed

            Los Angeles, 2007

Surreal Fields, string quartet, Los Angeles performances by Penderecki

            Quartet, Aurora Quartet and USC student ensemble; three performances, 2007

Short. Sweet., viola, for Sharon Ray, performed USC, Los Angeles, April 15, 2007

Elegy with a Petty Thief in the Rigging, SATB choir, piano, cello and percussion,

            performed USC, Los Angeles, November 7, 2004; April 15, 2007; David Fick, conductor

Scenes from Dystopia, for USC Guitar Quartet, performed USC, Los Angeles, March 15, 2005; April 15, 2007

Shuttlecraft Chase, orchestra, recorded by City of Prague Orchestra, Richard Hein, conductor, February 9, 2006

Yeehad!, full length musical, performed at Eclectic Company Theatre of North

            Hollywood, March-April, 2005 and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, July, 2005

Decennovafurcation, orchestra, for USC Thornton Symphony, performed Los Angeles,

            February 3, 2005, Donald Crockett, conductor

Edge of Light, mezzo-soprano and piano, for Charlene Chi, performed Los Angeles,

            November 6, 2005

Violin Sonata, performed by Mary Findley, SAI Convention, Dearborn, MI, August 3, 2004

Summary, brass quintet, for Stephen Oberheu, performed by student brass quintet, USC, Los Angeles, 2003

Anagrams for Orchestra, recorded by City of Prague Orchestra, March 1, 2002, Adam Klemens, conductor

Nganon, string quartet and electronics, performed by University of Bristol

            Contemporary Music Ensemble, Bristol, England, April 21, 2002, John Pickard, conductor

Symphonic Sussex, orchestra, commissioned by Southwestern Michigan Symphony

            Orchestra, performed St. Joseph, MI, December 11, 2001

Rivers and Redbuds, orchestra, performed by Plymouth Music Series Orchestra,

            Minneapolis, March 15, 2001

Halcyon Nights, orchestra, for Rice University Shepherd Symphony, read at Whitaker

            New Music Readings, American Composers Orchestra, New York, March 20, 1999; Shepherd Symphony, Houston, April 24, 2000, Marlon Chen, conductor

Essay for String Quartet, for La Schola Cantorum Quartet, performed Paris, August 4, 1999

Seven Anagrams for Solo Piano, for Jose Garcia Leon, performed Manhattan School of Music, New York, November 7,                  1999

I Heal, Create Sect, Start Over, orchestra, for Seattle Creative Orchestra, performed

            Seattle, February 5 and 6, 1999, Roger Nelson, conductor

Honors and Awards

Joe Pinson Scholarship, 2017

CD of original compositions (with Kenneth Downey) Blasted Light advanced to first-round Grammy consideration, 2015

Winner, Project Extended Composition Competition, 2015

Winner, Arch Composition Award for Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments, 2009

Pi Kappa Lambda Music Honor Society, 2008

Harry Warren Award for Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television, University of

            Southern California, 2008

Violin Sonata reproduced for cover of Pan Pipes Magazine, 2006

Special Recognition Award, First Music Competition, New York Youth Symphony, 2004

Winner, tri-annual Inter-American Music Awards Composition Competition, with publication by C.

            F. Peters, 2003

ASCAP Grants to Young Composers Honorable Mention, 2000

Orchestra work Halcyon Nights selected for Whitaker New Music Readings by American

            Composers Orchestra, 1999

Twice ASCAP Victor Herbert Award in National Fed. of Music Clubs Competition, 1997, 1999

Twice ASCAP Grants to Young Composers Finalist, 1997, 1999

Presentation given by invitation on original works, University of Washington, 1999

Young American Composers’ First Hearing Finalist (Civic Orchestra of Chicago), 1999

Twice accepted for participation: La Schola Cantorum summer program, 1997, 1999




Merit Scholarship for Doctoral Study, University of Southern California, 2003

Teaching assistantship and full-tuition fellowship, University of Southern California, 2004-2008

Full-tuition scholarship and stipend, Rice University, 1995-1998




University of Southern California Arts Initiative Grant (with playwright William Whitehurst), 2003

Twice Margaret Jory Copying Assistance Grant, American Music Center, 1999, 2001


Other Research


Absynth Chronicles recording accepted for commercial release, New Focus Recordings,


“Music in the Key of V: Joe Harnell’s Score to the 1983 Mini-Series,” thesis-

            length paper, University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Adrian Beaumont, adviser, 2002.



Service to the Profession


Volunteer Musician, Denton State Supported Living Center, Denton, TX, Fall 2017

Volunteer Music Therapy Participant, Childhood Apraxia and Motor Planning (CHAMP)

            Camp, Texas Woman’s University, Summer 2017


Service to the Community

Former Buchanan, MI City Commissioner, 1999-2000.

Professional Associations

American Music Therapy Association

American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers

College Music Society

Pi Kappa Lambda

Society of Composers, Inc.

Texas Society for Music Theory

Society for Music Theory


References available upon request

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