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Selected Works

Absynth Chronicles VIII: Video

Four Basho Haikai

Four Basho Haikai was commissioned and conceived by the sadly recently late violinist Kenneth Goldsmith.

I. Harsh
II. Quietly
III. Echoes
IV. Gust


Kenneth Goldsmith, violin
Makiko Hirata, harpsichord
Lindsey Höhn, percussion

Penumbra for String Quartet

Penumbra for String Quartet. Performed here by the sadly now defunct Cordova Quartet.

Absynth Chronicles VIII

Absynth Chronicles VIII for piano and absynth 5 synthesizer

Jeanette Louise Yaryan, Piano

Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments

Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments

Dr. Melissa Sky-Eagle, piano

Dr. John Lynch, conductor

University of Georgia Wind Ensemble


Interloper for Wind Quintet and Viola

Performed by Ensemble Green

Shuttlecraft Chase for Orchestra

City of Prague Orchestra

Richard Hein, Conductor

The Infancy Stage

Words by the Rev. Felicia Parazaider

This is a musical setting of a terrific essay by the Rev. Felicia Parazaider, who is commenting on a 2009 peace delegation with CodePink women for peace to Israel-Palestine.  In this essay the team is about to meet with the Israeli organization Coalition Women for Peace (an organization devoted to healing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) in order to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinian children.  --- note by composer


Jennifer Wallace, Soprano
Viktor Valkov, Piano
Lachezar Kostov, Cello

Quartet 2020

This piece is dedicated to my wife Becky, without whom I could not make it through 2020 or any other year. The second movement commemorates our 20th anniversary, and is loosely modeled on a string quartet movement by Borodin that was a gift to his wife on their 20th anniversary. All four parts are performed here by the one-man string quartet Jeff Issokson.

I. Unrest
II. Anniversary
III. Pandemic

The Girl with the Patchwork Pants

Story by Darrell Hempel, Music by Robert Gross

A poignant and quirky story of romance and the generation gap.  

Guitars: John Schroeder

Mr. Man: Robert Gross

Jessica: Rebecca Morris

Decennovafurcation (Absynth Chronicles Version)

In 2005 (I can't believe it's been that long!) I was blessed with a performance by the USC Thornton Symphony of an orchestra piece of mine. The fanciful title of the work was "Decennovafurcation," a word I coined which literally means "split into 19 parts." The piece was performed well by the symphony under the baton of Dr. Donald Crockett.

Over the years, I've toyed with the idea of turning it into an electroacoustic piece, and with my recent studio upgrade behind me, I've finally done it. Here is Decennovafurcation (Absynth Chronicles Version), with the original orchestra track enchanted by sounds from the Absynth 5 synthesizer and manipulations of the original track.

Absynth Chronicles XIV (Charles Wuorinen in Memoriam)

This piece was composed for Absynth 5 synthesizer and is written in memory of the late composer Charles Wuorinen. It was inspired by his own seminal work Time's Encomium, a half-hour pitch-determinate piece for synthesizer in two parts, which won a Pulitzer Prize. This piece, Absynth Chronicles XIV, is therefore a half-hour pitch-determinate piece for synthesizer in two parts.

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